13 Years Old Is Not Too Young for “The Talk”

Babble – Suzanne Jannese

Last week my son came home from school and asked me if I wanted to see how a “man and woman kissed.” He proceeded to make his fingers into a circle on one hand and then used a pointed index finger to gesture insertion. I balked. “See,” he said. “Kissing!” He had learned this gesture from a friend. I immediately raced online to find a book about the facts of life and am now waiting for the right moment to begin “The Talk.”

Oddly enough, this happened the very week that the Conservative party in the UK was accused of putting children’s health at risk by refusing to make sex and relationships education compulsory in primary schools. This does astound me, as surely one of the most important subjects that kids should be educated vastly on is sex. Moreover, in an age where (sadly) kids are one click away from stumbling onto porn sites, don’t we have an obligation now more than ever to teach children about self-respect, the ins-and-outs of relationships, and how to use technology wisely? Read More