Excellent Drawing Apps for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Kids’ cognition craves drawing  because it provides it with an ample and unrestricted space to exercise its creative performance. With the advance of technology and more specifically mobile technology, drawing has taken unprecedented dimensions...

December 31, 2015 MindMake

How Parents and Teachers Can Work Together For Powerful Learning Outcomes

MindShift – Katrina Schwartz MindShift readers are often intrigued by new ideas and strategies being tried around the country, but many educators are also parents and know the huge role parents play in education. This year some of our most...

December 30, 2015 MindMake

6 Factors of Classroom Gamification

TeachThought – Nellie Mitchell I was 11 the year my summer camp director transformed the regular schedule, procedures, and lingo that we were used to—into the most memorable, enriching experience I had ever encountered at that point in my life....

December 30, 2015 MindMake

Can an Immersive Video Game Teach the Nuances of American History?

MindShift – Katrina Schwartz The students in Scott Jackson’s eleventh grade American History class have almost no common knowledge about the country’s early beginnings and important moments. His students at Brooklyn International High School are recent immigrants to this country...

December 29, 2015 MindMake

Silicon Valley Funds Homeschooling

Penelope Trunk After a recent interview he gave while in Beijing, the news that Elon Musk of Tesla, SpaceXand PayPal created his own school for his children spread all over the internet. My husband works at SpaceX, so I...

December 28, 2015 MindMake

3 Hacks that Solve Big School Problems

Cult of Pedagogy – Jennifer Gonzalez One afternoon late last year, my friend Mark Barnes and I were talking about some really creative ways teachers were solving problems in their schools. These ideas were so impressive because they required virtually...

December 27, 2015 MindMake

Why Every Video Game Is Educational

@Ideas Factory – Julian S Wood Yesterday I read a tweet from the excellent Carl Hendrick signposting an article from the Atlantic website called ‘The Myth of the Minecraft Curriculum’ It’s sub-heading was entitled- “In reality, the computer program has...

December 26, 2015 MindMake

What Makes an ‘Extreme Learner’?

MindShift – Linda Flanagan When Mollie Cueva-Dabkoski was dissecting a sheep’s heart during an eighth-grade science class, she had an epiphany that changed her life. “That heart told the story of anatomy and physiology!” she said. Realizing that science is...

December 24, 2015 MindMake

Check Out These LEGO Creations and Turn Your Imaginations Into Reality!

Trending Post – Richa Dwivedi Sharma Do you remember playing with Legos? The multi-color building blocks that truly fascinated us while we were kids. It has inspired the kids to give life to their vision. With these small building...

December 23, 2015 MindMake

10 Ways to Discover Minecraft

Medium – Steven Isaacs You can’t walk three feet without hearing a kid talking about Minecraft. Educators across the world are talking about the benefits of using Minecraft in the classroom. It all sounds great, but if you are not...

December 22, 2015 MindMake
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