5 Parenting Tips For Playing The Digital Heavy

Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) – Fred Lane

It comes as a shock to most new parents, flushed as they are with the excitement of new life, that parenting is not all sunshine and bunnies. Sleep deprivation is the first clue, but the real wake-up call occurs when the little angel does something that requires the imposition of parental discipline. Based on my blissfully-fading recollection, that is the fourth-most unpleasant task of parenting; the top three being changing epically-unpleasant diapers along the side of a highway, the 3 a.m. upset-stomach clean-up, and explaining that Pumpkin went to live on the “farm.”

As unpleasant as it may be, however, parents generally understand the value of discipline as a tool for modifying a child’s behavior, for helping to instill a moral code, and for providing boundaries that will help keep their child safe as he or she grows to adulthood. Assuming all goes well, the child then becomes capable of passing on moral standards to the next generation, and so on. On the whole, it is a process for maintaining social order that has served us well for generations. Read More