Blame Teachers For Girls Dropping Math?

Bloomberg View – Cass R. Sunstein

The U.S. has a pressing need to increase the number of well-educated graduates in science, technology, engineering and math, pretty much everyone agrees. Jeb Bush contends that we’re not producing “anything approaching the numbers we need to sustain and grow our economy, much less to maintain our leadership in global technology.” President Barack Obama says “we’ve got a whole bunch of talent” that’s being wasted — because we’re not getting enough girls interested in these fields.

But why, exactly, aren’t more girls focusing on math and science?

It’s a persistent questions and, over the years, many people have answered it by suggesting that girls are simply less interested. Others have said boys have more talent; maybe their spatial skills are better (perhaps for evolutionary reasons) and that gives them higher aptitude in math. Still others suggest that boys and girls respond differently in competitive situations and that, in math and science, high levels of competition end up advantaging boys. Read More