Children Learn Well Through Interactivity

Douglas Chan

As a primary school teacher, you probably know that children learn well through interactivity. In fact, the same goes for adults as well – which is why it’s particularly good to get kids involved in activities and learning in such a way that they’re really made to think. The more you get your pupils involved in what you’re doing, the more fun they’re likely to have – which means they will pay more attention and have a greater level or learning than what they might take in if you were just going through the same boring Mathematics or English lessons which they’re used to.

Learning isn’t meant to be boring – it needs to be fun and enjoyable, and something that we ultimately use to get a greater sense of fulfilment out of life. That’s why our primary school experience is so important because it sets us up for how we view learning in later years and could heavily influence our attitudes throughout high school. So if you’re a primary school teacher, the chances are you’ll only be too willing to do what you can to help shape the young minds of your pupils as best as you can. Read More