Children, Teens, Media, and Body Image

Common Sense Media

“Target Sparks Body Image Debate With Controversial Photoshop Images” reads one recent Parade headline (schmitz, 2014), while Time recently came out with a story titled “the 300 Workout: How Movies Fuel boys’ Insecurities” (Dockterman, 2014b) and a newly released Today Show/aoL poll documents how teens and young women are “obsessed” with their appearances (Dahl, 2014).

A November 2014 search for “body image” on Google News alone brings up over six million hits. There is an established field of research examining how one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors toward one’s body — one’s body image — are linked to portrayals in mainstream media such as movies, television, magazines, advertisements, and music videos.

Less known and less researched is what role relatively newer interactive digital media play in the development of body image. there’s also been less attention paid to the role of media in body-image development among really young children. Read More