Coding for All Means Coding for Girls, Too

EdTech Magazine – Sam Patterson

The field of computer science has a gender problem.

In fact, by percentage, there are fewer women now in computer science fields than there were in the mid-1980s. This is no small problem, and it has to do with our culture of work and play.

As a tech teacher for grades K–5, I am working in one of the best places to change this trend. In general, my classes have more girls than boys, and I have a great deal of freedom in the tools and modes I use to teach. This is a problem I care deeply about, so it affects my planning, and I am mindful of gender dynamics in the room as I teach.

During the last round of parent conferences, a mother told me that her third-grade daughter had asked her, “What can I do in life to make money that doesn’t use technology?” I was floored, and I knew I had failed in some way. Read More