Coding for Kids Revisited

Edutopia – Anna Adam and Helen Mowers

While it feels like we just wrote 7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills, it’s been a year, and as we know, that’s a couple of lifetimes in the technology world! Over the past year, we’ve discovered even more fabulous sites for teaching coding.

With programs like the Hour of Code and other sites, it looks like many children have been exposed to computer programming, but we feel that we still have a long way to go. Graduates with programming skills are in high demand, and it’s clear those numbers will only increase. In addition, the skills acquired through programming, like logical thinking, problem solving, persistence, collaboration, and communication, can be applied to any grade level, any subject area, and in every part of life. Programming isn’t just limited to computer science majors in college. Like we said a year ago, kids can code — we have the sites and resources to make it happen. And it’s never been more important to provide students with opportunities to be exposed to programming, especially girls and minorities. In the interest of space, we’ve limited our list to resources for coding with elementary students (ages 5-11), and best of all, free resources! Read More