Coding Is Made Child’s Play By New Electronic Building Blocks

The Guardian – Corinne Jones

If Lego had a 21st-century facelift, it would look a lot like SAM, a new kit where the building blocks are electronic modules (or SAMs: sensor actor modules), which wirelessly communicate with each other over Bluetooth.

SAMs are either motors, lights, switches or sensors, and appear as “drag and droppable” icons on the SAM app, allowing users to easily make everyday objects part of the “internet of things”, but with one major advantage: there’s no coding required.

Behind the idea is 23-year-old Joachim Horn, a Belgian mechanical engineer and Imperial College graduate. This year has been a pivotal year for him and his team: taken under the wing of Microsoft Ventures (which helps new startups take off) in the summer, by September SAM Labs was set up in Whitechapel, east London. Read More