Common Core and The Bee’s Knees

MindMake – Paul Henderson

Travelling to London, UK, has its ups and downs. On my last visit I got to a Pre-Raphaelite paintings exhibition—an up. Yet as I headed along the Thames to the gallery I also walked down memory lane—returning to times when as a teacher I had driven students up to the City. Great school, wonderful kids, hard working and full of bubbling interaction and humour.

But it was the early 1990s, and terrorists were firing mortars at 10 Downing Street and Heathrow airport; and planting massive bombs at the London Stock Exchange, and smaller ones in garbage bins and at the Royal Festival Hall, Hammersmith Underground, Harrods, and Whitehall, the centre of government.

Each time I took a bus full of students to a theatre, a debate competition or sporting event, I felt queasy. I accepted the responsibility, prayed hard, mapped out my way and paid very close attention to anything that seemed out of the ordinary. Read More