Could Classroom Technology & Big Data Help Us Understand What Great Teaching Looks Like?

Educate 1 to 1 – Dominic Norrish

During a recent visit to a school and a conversation with some Year 9s about their teachers’ use of technology to help them learn, I was struck by how infrequently we truly apply technology in education to the task of improvement.

None of the pupils could identify a time when technology had taken their learning (or their teachers’ teaching) beyond what was possible with traditional methods and, if I’m honest, were a bit surprised that this was ‘a thing’ at all. An awkward silence descended on the group who were clearly thinking that this wasn’t panning out as the ‘Get of P5 French Free’ card they’d been promised.

“Well, do any of you use tech outside of school to do things ‘better’?” I asked, flailing around wildly in the face of their stony indifference to the alleged transformative power of technology. Read More