TechCrunch – Natasha Lomas

Meet Miiya: a kids wearable that’s being designed to nudge kids to be more active, while also offering security features for parents to help alert them if their child has wandered too far away. It’s aimed at children aged from four- to 10-years-old, and is currently in development, as its French makers seek to raise $50,000 via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to get the device to market this year.

Encouraging kids to share more about what they did that day with their parents is the third gentle nudge being planned for Miiya. If it makes it to the market the wearable will include a feature where kids can choose to tag a particular location to send it to their parents — viewable via a timeline on the Miiya companion smartphone app — to help them remember to tell mum or dad about whatever cool thing they did in the park/school/their buddy’s house today. Read More