TechCrunch – Darrell Etherington

While Lego’s own crowdsourcing platform exists, letting users submit ideas for community voting, eventually resulting in some being made, the process is slow and somewhat difficult to navigate. Now Lego set sharing platform Pley is debuting a crowdsourced set creation platform called PleyWorld that can see a submission go from concept to shipping product in as little as two weeks, respecting the original design and using whatever parts the community can dream up.

On PleyWorld, once user submissions receive 5,000 votes, Pley will create the set, as well as accompanying instructions, and then offer it to the community either for rent or for purchase, with price dependent on the number of pieces and complexity. Creators will get to realize their dreams if their sets are made, but they won’t make any financial gain via the arrangement – the chance to see an imagined creation realized is expected to be reward enough. Read More