Replace 'Sex Talk' With 'Tech Talk'?

CNN – Kelly Wallace

My mother rarely talked with me about the birds and the bees when I was growing up, and I always knew that no matter what, when I became a parent, I’d be more open with my children about sex.

With my girls in the second and third grade, I figured in the not too distant future it would be time for the “sex talk.”

But now I’m wondering if I need to have the conversation a lot sooner than I had originally thought and if the whole concept of having a “sex talk” is as outdated as the BlackBerry I still won’t give up.

“In some ways, I think the ‘tech talk’ is replacing the ‘sex talk’ because our kids are learning about sex from tech,” said Diana Graber, who teaches “cyber civics” at a middle school in Aliso Viejo, California. Read More