Solar-Powered Classrooms, Coding for Robots & Tablets

Al Jazeera

From solar-powered classrooms to cheap tablets developed specially for schools, new technology is bridging gaps in education that many African countries have struggled with for decades.

In this episode of Innovate Africa, presenters Ndoni Khanyile and Tapfuma Makina travel to Kenya, Ghana and South Africa to meet the entrepreneurs and teachers who are using new advances in technology to accelerate literacy and learning in Africa.

eLimu is an interactive educational platform with rich digital localised content for the Kenyan Primary School curriculum. The application vamps up educational content with locally produced and culturally relevant videos, animations, songs, music, games and quizzes to improve learning and assessment outcomes.

Ben Nortey, otherwise known as the Botmaster, is a robot builder, entrepreneur, TV presenter and teacher. He is the founder and CEO of the Metro Institute of Innovation and Technology in Ghana. Ben leads an extracurricular coding course for children of all ages in order to spread his passion for robotics. Read More