The Guardian – Stuart Dredge

The 10 most popular games channels on YouTube generated more than 2.2bn video views in January alone, led by Let’s Play gamer Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg with 417.9m views that month.

PewDiePie topped the latest monthly chart of YouTube games channels published by online video industry site Tubefilter, based on data from analytics firm OpenSlate.

PewDiePie was joined in January’s top 10 by Popular MMOs (266.8m views); Stampy (252.9m); The Diamond Minecart (210.8m); Markiplier (208.1m); Jack Sceptic Eye (201.2m); Vanoss Gaming (183.8m); Vegetta (177.8m); Juega German (127.3m); and El Rubius (108.8m).

That’s nearly 2.2bn views between the 10 channels. How are they growing? You can gauge that by a comparison to Tubefilter and OpenSlate’s chart from six months ago, in July 2014, when the top 10 YouTube games channels generated 1.6bn views. Read More