Virtual Reality Is Taking Over The Video Game Industry

CNET – Nick Statt

Just one year ago, the idea of virtual reality — or simulated 3D worlds we view through special goggles strapped to our face — seemed like an outlandish concept. Today, it’s starting to come into its own.

At the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, game makers, developers and some of the tech industry’s largest companies will be in attendance to discuss their latest hardware and software designed to transport players to virtual environments.

What makes this year different? Hollywood has used the idea in its movies for decades. Even the technology industry has created prototypes to show from time to time. Now, we’re finally expecting to see high-profile VR devices move closer to consumer products. GDC marks the one of the biggest meetups when we will likely get a glimpse of the devices that will eventually land in people’s living rooms. Read More