Wanna Teach Kids to Code? Keep It Out of the Classroom

Talking Points Memo (TPM) – Kyle Chayka

In December of last year, Barack Obama became the first president to write code. A video of the digital milestone shows the president in the White House surrounded by eager middle-school students from New Jersey, carefully tapping out a single line of Javascript on a laptop keyboard. In this symbolic feat he has far surpassed his predecessors; Bill Clinton sent the first presidential email in 1999.

The code that Obama typed, “moveForward(100);” is simple—it creates a single, 100-pixel line in the digital firmament. But it’s an important stepping stone not just for students but the president himself, who has made a point of pushing for technology in schools. “STEM education, huge priority,” he told the Silicon Valley news website Re/code in February. “Everybody’s got to learn how to code early. Our school systems aren’t doing as good of a job on this, period.” Read More