What Is It About Anonymous Apps That Kids Love?

The Huffington Post – Diana Graber

You’d think with all the bad press anonymous apps like Yik Yak, Secret, Ask.fm, and Whisper get, we’d have heard the last of them, right?

Yet last week I learned of another a new anonymous app, this one called Unseen. Co-founder Michael Schramm (who, by the way, has been quoted saying, “I hate anonymous apps, I think they’re garbage”) was unabashedly enthusiastic about his new startup when we spoke.

“It’s important that apps like this exist,” claims Schramm, “because privacy is a human right.” The anonymity and privacy that apps like Unseen provide, argues Schramm, encourages users (in the case of Unseen, users are primarily college students) to have open and transparent “conversations” (Unseen is a photo-sharing app), sometimes surrounding sensitive issues and events. Take recent events in Ferguson, for example. College kids were “seen” on Unseen posting images, making controversial statements, and (mostly) asking one another questions, in an effort to understand events as they transpired. Read More