Why Should Teachers Blog?

Tech Teacher Center

My EDTECH journey at Boise State University was an eye-opening and life-changing experience in too many ways to count. Blogging was one of the professional activities I got exposed to as a student; and, it is also one practice I want to continue as part of my teaching.

In every EDTECH course, I was required to keep a digital learning log as a platform to post homework assignments, reflect on my learning and progress, showcase projects, ask for help, share a-ha moments, share resources, and, finally, organize artifacts for my M.E.T. portfolio. Right from the start, the whole concept of homework changed; there were no more papers written to be read by no one, the classmates’ homework was available for everyone to review and comment on, and, last but not least, this priceless library of resources built by the EDTECH cohorts to date is still under my fingertips! Read More