Yes, Your Toddler Can Watch TV: The New Rules for Screen Time

The Daily Beast – Russell Saunders

Researchers say it’s OK to break with hardliners—provided you’re interacting right along with your kids. A look at new guidelines that defy pediatricians’ recommendations.

When my oldest child was a toddler, I treated illuminated screens like plutonium. During my training as a pediatrician, I had received the message loud and clear that the recommended amount of television for children under 2 was nil. It was not only the advice that I gave parents about their kids, it was the standard I held for my own. “Screen time” of any sort was strictly verboten.

A few years later, my oldest son can efficiently navigate Netflix to his favored shows from Bob’s Burgers and gets annoyed when I try to do it for him. And that’s to say nothing of his facility with an iPad, a technology that’s been around for less time than he has and has already become ubiquitous. Read More