Education Technology and the Twenty-First-Century Skills Gap

Education Technology and the Twenty-First-Century Skills Gap

BCG Perspectives - Allison Bailey, Elizabeth Kaufman, and Simonida Subotić

Today’s fast-changing world requires students who not only possess strong skills in areas such as language arts, math, and science but must also be adept at skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, persistence, collaboration, and curiosity. The requisite twenty-first-century skills fall into three broad categories: foundational literacies, competencies, and character qualities. Read More

MindMake Parental Controls is Live

MindMake Parental Controls is Live

We’re ready with our first version of MindMake! (Our top geeks and nerds here call that a “beta”). We're looking to you, our early subscribers and adventurous parents to try MindMake and give us feedback. We want your input… your praise, tough love and suggestions.

Sign up today for a FREE 1 Month Trial. Simply go to Our Plans & Pricing and click the Sign Up Now button for the FREE Trial, and follow the steps to set up your account.

You’re now part of the MindMake movement to shape the future for our children!

Why Should Teachers Blog?

Why Should Teachers Blog?

Tech Teacher Center

My EDTECH journey at Boise State University was an eye-opening and life-changing experience in too many ways to count. Blogging was one of the professional activities I got exposed to as a student; and, it is also one practice I want to continue as part of my teaching.

In every EDTECH course, I was required to keep a digital learning log as a platform to post homework assignments, reflect on my learning and progress, showcase projects, ask for help, share a-ha moments, share resources, and, finally, organize artifacts for my M.E.T. portfolio. Right from the start, the whole concept of homework changed; there were no more papers written to be read by no one, the classmates’ homework was available for everyone to review and comment on, and, last but not least, this priceless library of resources built by the EDTECH cohorts to date is still under my fingertips! Read More

Could Classroom Technology & Big Data Help Us Understand What Great Teaching Looks Like?

Could Classroom Technology & Big Data Help Us Understand What Great Teaching Looks Like?

Educate 1 to 1 - Dominic Norrish

During a recent visit to a school and a conversation with some Year 9s about their teachers’ use of technology to help them learn, I was struck by how infrequently we truly apply technology in education to the task of improvement.

None of the pupils could identify a time when technology had taken their learning (or their teachers’ teaching) beyond what was possible with traditional methods and, if I’m honest, were a bit surprised that this was ‘a thing’ at all. An awkward silence descended on the group who were clearly thinking that this wasn’t panning out as the ‘Get of P5 French Free’ card they’d been promised.

“Well, do any of you use tech outside of school to do things ‘better’?” I asked, flailing around wildly in the face of their stony indifference to the alleged transformative power of technology. Read More

Parenting In Today's World

Parenting In Today's World

The Parenting Skill - Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

“What are the most essential parenting skills needed to be a parent in this day and age?”

That’s the question I asked colleagues who work with families or in the mental health field. They all answered with one common them: connect with your child! Read More

8 STEM Toys For Pint-Sized Einsteins

Mashable - Rex Santus

Sure, there are Barbies and Hot Wheels and Nerf guns — but increasingly important in toy manufacturing is an educational component.

Often times, parents want the toys their children play with to teach STEM skills — recently updated to STREAM, or Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Math. Read More

Hey Teachers, Stop Asking Parents To Do Your Homework!

Hey Teachers, Stop Asking Parents To Do Your Homework!

Brilliant or Insane - Mark Barnes

I have never been so tired of traditional homework. The worst kind is the piles of homework my kids bring home that I have to help them with do that is beyond maddening.

One day it was perimeter in math, which I haven’t done in about 38 years. Then, it was ancient civilizations. “Where is King Tut buried?” Seriously? While this rote memory stuff might be useful in a game of Trivia Crack, I’m not sure it’s something my child should spend 30 minutes working on at home.

I read a pro homework article recently suggesting that parents doing homework with children is a good bonding activity. We have many wonderful bonding activities at my house: Discussions about books, family dinners, board games, playing with the dog, among others. We might even discuss ancient civilizations, but when we do, it’s on our terms, and it’s stimulating conversation–not fill-in-the-blank worksheets. Read More

Tweens and Tech Guide: Getting Them to Open Up (Podcast)

Tweens and Tech Guide: Getting Them to Open Up (Podcast)

WNYC - Manoush Zomorodi

In this episode of our podcast:

We kick off a month of podcasts on kids and technology! Exciting!

We talk with listener Dierdre Shetler, a middle school tech teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. Hear how she approaches technology with more than 800 kids in a lower-income, immigrant-heavy district.

...and... best for last...

We've launched a little classroom activity for schools around the country. We're pretty thrilled about it. If you're a teacher, join us! If you know any teachers, pass it along! Actually, if you know anyone with a flock of kids on hand, send it their way! Read More

What Is Intel International Science and Engineering Fair?

Society For Science & The Public

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), a program of Society for Science & the Public (SSP), is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition.

More than 1,700 high school students from over 70 countries, regions, and territories are awarded the opportunity to showcase their independent research and compete for more than $5 million in prizes. Read More

Morning Chore Routine for Kids

Morning Chore Routine for Kids

The Modest Mom Blog

Our daily chore routine has taken trial and error to see what works for us. However, we’ve finally settled on a good schedule that has been working out well for about a year now.

Our household requires that chores must be done before school begins. I tried changing the schedule to where chores were done after school, but we only made it one day that way! I just can’t do school with a messy house. It helps all of our attitudes when the house is clean. Read More

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