One Laptop Per Child Project Is Going Modular

One Laptop Per Child Project Is Going Modular

Engadget - Devindra Hardawar

The One Laptop Per Child project is going modular. The non-profit's Australian partner, One Education, is gearing up to launch a new hybrid laptop in a few weeks that will let you swap out components similar to Google's Project Ara. There aren't any official details yet, but Ink, Bits, and Pixels has managed to dig up several images that give us a basic sense of what's going on.

Dubbed the XO-Infinity, it can be used as both a laptop and tablet; it shares the colorful aesthetic from current OLPC devices (XO-4 tablet and laptop); and it looks like even kids will be able to easily change its different modules. And, if it works as we expect, it could end up serving as a platform for an infinitely upgradeable machine that will last you for years, making it ideal for schools and international markets. One Education has confirmed that the XO-Infinity will be officially announced soon, but for now it's not revealing much else. Read More

Flip Through MindMake On Flipboard

Flip Through MindMake On Flipboard


Come over and flip through some great articles and follow MindMake on Flipboard

MindMake provides parents with tools to manage, monitor and optimize their childs online activities and content consumption. Our mission is to empower parents to create a safe online environment for their family and facilitate enriched development with personalized content recommendations.

We cover a variety of topics in our Blog, utilizing multiple sources. Our focus is on trends in three primary categories: education, technology and media. Subcategories will range from education reform to pedagogical gamification; all will map to our focus on The Quantified Child. Read More

Top 10 YouTube Games Channels Had 2.2 Billion Views In January

The Guardian - Stuart Dredge

The 10 most popular games channels on YouTube generated more than 2.2bn video views in January alone, led by Let’s Play gamer Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg with 417.9m views that month.

PewDiePie topped the latest monthly chart of YouTube games channels published by online video industry site Tubefilter, based on data from analytics firm OpenSlate.

PewDiePie was joined in January’s top 10 by Popular MMOs (266.8m views); Stampy (252.9m); The Diamond Minecart (210.8m); Markiplier (208.1m); Jack Sceptic Eye (201.2m); Vanoss Gaming (183.8m); Vegetta (177.8m); Juega German (127.3m); and El Rubius (108.8m).

That’s nearly 2.2bn views between the 10 channels. How are they growing? You can gauge that by a comparison to Tubefilter and OpenSlate’s chart from six months ago, in July 2014, when the top 10 YouTube games channels generated 1.6bn views. Read More

Your iPhone Is Making You Depressed

Your iPhone Is Making You Depressed

The Huffington Post - Carolyn Gregoire

It's been estimated that the average mobile phone user checks a device 150 times a day, and nearly a third of smartphone users admit that they're addicted to their devices. Everyone knows that having your nose in your phone is a pretty unhealthy habit, but new research suggests that it could even be a sign of depression.

According to new Baylor University research, people who check their phones constantly could be trying to improve a negative mood.

The study, published in June in the journal Personality and Individual Differences and recently revived by the Daily Mail, investigates the link between phone addiction and personality, finding that excessive use may go hand-in-hand with emotional instability. Read More

Blame Teachers For Girls Dropping Math?

Blame Teachers For Girls Dropping Math?

Bloomberg View - Cass R. Sunstein

The U.S. has a pressing need to increase the number of well-educated graduates in science, technology, engineering and math, pretty much everyone agrees. Jeb Bush contends that we're not producing “anything approaching the numbers we need to sustain and grow our economy, much less to maintain our leadership in global technology.” President Barack Obama says “we've got a whole bunch of talent” that's being wasted -- because we're not getting enough girls interested in these fields.

But why, exactly, aren’t more girls focusing on math and science?

It's a persistent questions and, over the years, many people have answered it by suggesting that girls are simply less interested. Others have said boys have more talent; maybe their spatial skills are better (perhaps for evolutionary reasons) and that gives them higher aptitude in math. Still others suggest that boys and girls respond differently in competitive situations and that, in math and science, high levels of competition end up advantaging boys. Read More

What is “Personal Information” under COPPA?

What is “Personal Information” under COPPA?

Bean Creative - Layla Masri

It's been a year since our post on the revised COPPA regulations going into effect. Are you still unsure what types of data equals “personal information” and triggers COPPA’s requirements?

On the heels of the FTC lawsuit [last year] against regarding in-app purchases, it behooves you to ensure you’re following the requirements closely.

Here’s an overview of data treated as “personal” under COPPA, along with parameters for exactly what and you can “collect” in compliance with (or avoidance of) COPPA. Read More

Also read the latest on the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule.

15 Genius Ways to Deal with Bored Kids

15 Genius Ways to Deal with Bored Kids

Babble - Ellen Seidman

If there’s one phrase that parents dread hearing from kids, it is “I’m bored.” (Coming in a close second: “I think I’m gonna throw up.”) Sometimes, boredom can actually benefit kids — I’ve found that unstructured time gives my children a chance to come up with creative ways to entertain themselves.

Then again, there are days when they genuinely have no clue what to do and you are on the verge of ripping your hair out. Bored kids are one of the greatest job hazards of parenthood. These are some of the simple but winning tactics that I (desperately) rely on. Read More

Will GlassLab Become the ‘STEAM’ Engine for Educational Games?

Will GlassLab Become the ‘STEAM’ Engine for Educational Games?

edSurge - Tony Wan

No one questions that well-designed games can engage children, and a growing number of teachers are introducing them in their classrooms.

But skeptics abound when it comes to games’ impact on learning outcomes. Are the flurry of split-second decisions that a player makes in, say, a game like StarCraft translatable to real-world skills?

Jessica Lindl believe she has the tools to measure it. As Executive Director of GlassLab Games (“Glass” stands for games, learning and assessment), a nonprofit located on the Electronic Arts campus in Redwood City, Calif., she and her team have been building games that serve as formative assessments for critical thinking skills. Read More

Welcome To Fizzy’s Lunch Lab

PBS Kids

PBS KIDS GO! Invites early elementary school kids to join the hilarious animated adventures of Professor Fizzy and friends in FIZZY'S LUNCH LAB as they prepare tasty snacks, investigate the difference between good and bad food, and learn what happens once the food you eat goes into your body. Read More

The Biggest Myth About Phone Privacy

The Biggest Myth About Phone Privacy

BBC, Future - Molly Crain

Smartphones have transformed our lives in so many ways. They connect us to the outside world through email and social networks, direct us if we are lost, and recommend all manner of shops and services near us. But this level of convenience comes at a cost, and one that the general public is only beginning to recognise.

In a world where online privacy is a growing concern, security experts say one of our biggest assumptions is that if our identities are hidden we should be safe and anonymous. But evidence shows how little it takes for our identities to be outed. Last week a study of credit card data showed only four pieces of information are needed to match any individual to their “anonymised” credit card records – one of those being the GPS coordinates that can be extracted from your smartphone. Read More

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