Instagram Addresses Nudity, Harassment In Updated Guidelines

Instagram Addresses Nudity, Harassment In Updated Guidelines

Mashable - Ariel Bogle

It's no longer a blanket rule on Instagram to simply "keep your clothes on."

The photo and video sharing app released a significant update to its community guidelines Thursday, seeking to clarify its stance on nudity and abuse.

Instagram, like other social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, has found it difficult to balance a commitment to openness with creating a safe environment for its now 300 million monthly active users. Read More

Are Tablets in the Classroom Helpful or Hurtful?

Are Tablets in the Classroom Helpful or Hurtful? - Elena Donovan Mauer

Technology: most of us either love it or hate it. And as it's being used more and more in schools—73 percent of teachers report using mobile technology in their classrooms—parents and educators alike are figuring out whether it can really help kids learn.

Matthew Lynch, Dean of Syphax School of Education, Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies at Virginia Union University, explores the pros and cons of using tablets in the classroom in his detailed article. And there seems to be more pros than cons. Read More

Lego Dimensions Video Game Brings Lego Toys To Life

TechCrunch - Darrell Etherington

Lego has a new game in the works with Warner Bros. Interactive, which brings the building blocks into the toys-to-life category to compete with the likes of Skylanders. The new Lego Dimensions game is set for a September 27 release date, and will incorporate a number of popular and familiar properties, including DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future and The Lego Movie to name just a few.

The title will be available on pretty much every home console, spanning Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Wii U, and is being developed by Travelers Tales, the studio behind the extremely popular existing line of Lego video games. The unique twist here is that the starter pack ships with a Lego Toy Pad, which works with custom Lego mini figures, bricks and sets to generate in-game content. Read More

Where Does Minecraft End?

Where Does Minecraft End?

Intel IQ - Jason Johnson

A quest to the edge of an endless world can feel like an eternal glitch.

The YouTuber Kurt J. Mac is currently on an impossible mission. He is trying to reach the end of Minecraft.

To clarify, he is not trying to get to “the End,” the final level where you do battle with a big dragon and win the game. That’s been done by many.

Rather, he has vowed to walk to the furthest reaches of Minecraft’s cubic wild to a strange and transcendental place once dubbed “the Far Lands,” now mostly known as “the world boundary” or “the edge of the world.”

In some ways, it is not dissimilar from the center of a black hole, or the once lawless frontier town of Deadwood, South Dakota. It is a place where the rules that govern the rest of the world break down. Read More

How Memory, Focus and Good Teaching Can Work Together to Help Kids Learn

How Memory, Focus and Good Teaching Can Work Together to Help Kids Learn

MindShift - Katrina Schwartz

Everyone has a pet theory on how to improve public education: better professional development for teachers, more money, better curriculum, testing for accountability, teacher incentives, technology, streamlined bureaucracy. Policymakers have been trying these solutions for years with mixed results. But those who study the brain have their own ideas for improving how kids learn: focus on teaching kids how to learn.

“The more you teach students how to learn, the less time you have to spend teaching curriculum because they can [understand] it on their own,” said William Klemm, senior professor of neuroscience at Texas A&M University at the Learning and the Brain conference “Making Lasting Memories.” “I think the real problem is that students have not learned how to be competent learners,” he said. “They haven’t learned this because we haven’t taught them.” Read More

Opting Out of Everything

Opting Out of Everything

José Luis Vilson

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking at Organize 2.0’s annual conference, a gathering of some of the country’s most influential organizers to speak about thought leadership as a classroom teacher. I had far too much to say over a 20 minute period, so I read a portion of my book and spoke about our current education reform issues.

I got plenty of applause for hounding Andrew Cuomo and speaking up about racism, sexism, and homophobia in our communities. I also had an opportunity to shout out a group like Change the Stakes because a) they’re in NYC b) they have materials in Spanish and c) they’re in my neighborhood. Needless to say, I believe in parents opting their students out of the standardized tests, especially if they can meet the requirements for grade advancement. (Actually, even if they can’t, but that’s another post.). Read More

Australian Cooking Stars Are Making Big Bucks on YouTube

Mashable - Ariel Bogle

Three Australia-based cooking channels are among YouTube's biggest success stories.

CharlisCraftyKitchen, HowToCookThat and MyCupcakeAddiction have made the top ten most popular food and cooking channels, according to estimates from Outrigger Media, an online video advertising company.

CharlisCraftyKitchen, the work of two young Australian sisters, Charli and Ashlee, tops the list, published on AdAge, with monthly estimated earnings from ad revenue of $127,777.21. HowToCookThat comes in fourth, at $77,772.86 per month, and mycupcakeaddiction is fifth, at $64,267.68 per month. Read More

App Makers Want Your Kids To Love Robotics

App Makers Want Your Kids To Love Robotics

CNBC - Alexandra Gibbs

It's hard to deny that when R2D2, RoboCop and the Terminator sprang onto cinema screens, every kid wanted their own robot, but making one appear at the click of a finger was only something that dreams were made of back then.

Now, companies can utilize the smartphone space to make education a fun activity for kids, and what better way to teach kids exciting new things than with robots? Read More

YouTube Channels That Inspire Girls To Think, Do, And Follow Their Dreams

Common Sense Media - Caroline Knorr

If your daughter comes home from school, throws down her backpack, and hops on YouTube -- she's just like millions of other kids. Girls are flocking to the video-sharing site to watch, share, and comment on everything from toy reviews to cheerleading tips to music videos.

Until YouTube's app for kids catches on, the original YouTube is still a major destination. And age-inappropriate stuff is only one of the pitfalls. The glut of content about makeup, fashion, hair, and shopping just reinforces the idea that girls only care about -- or should care about -- physical appearance. Read More

Why The Next Uber Could Be Launched By A 10-Year-Old

Why The Next Uber Could Be Launched By A 10-Year-Old

The Next Web - Clare Wiley

At a hackathon in Philadelphia last November, one of the best ideas came not from a professional designer, but from a nine-year-old. The boy pitched an app that combines carpooling with Uber-like capabilities, allowing a private network of families to share driving.

The idea came from the boy simply identifying a problem in his life – not being able to attend after-school clubs because, like many kids, he has two working parents – but came backed up with a solid business plan. Read More

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